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Regavim to Petition Israel's High Court to Prevent Dismissal of Fines

The Regavim movement intends to file a petition with the High Court against the retroactive dismissal of administrative fines imposed in recent years in the context of enforcement of the Planning and Construction Law. The 2017 amendment to the Planning and Construction Law, known also as the Kaminitz Law, has proven incredibly effective.

One of the primary conditions posed by Mansour Abbas’s Raam Party to support the new government is a commitment by Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid that administrative fines issued against illegal construction will be canceled.

According to the Regavim Movement: 

"It is inconceivable that a government will take steps to enact a sweeping, retroactive cancellation of fines that were issued in accordance with the law; this cannot be used as a political bargaining chip! Dismissal of fines imposed under the Kaminitz Law will reward criminals and erode the foundations of law and order on which the State of Israel was established, where legislation creates deterrence against criminal activity.

The victims of this political horse-trade will be, first and foremost, the Arab Israeli communities that are desperate for sustainable planning and adequate infrastructure. If instructions are issued to retroactively cancel fines, we will appeal to the High Court immediately."


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Palestinian Terror
Indictment Filed Against Tapuach Junction Terrorist

An indictment was filed today against Muntasir Shalabi on charges of intentionally causing the death of Yehuda Guetta, in the shooting attack at Tapuach Junction last month. 

Another civilian was lightly injured in the incident. 

The indictment included additional offenses, including attempted intentional manslaughter, possession of a weapon, and obstruction of justice. Shalabi's detention was extended until the end of the proceedings.

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Attempt to Smuggle Military Equipment Into Gaza Thwarted

Thanks to the vigilance of  Civil Administration employees, more than 1,000 attempts to smuggle mail packages containing military equipment into the Gaza Strip were thwarted.

Among the equipment found were frequency jammers, listening equipment, and drones.

The staff of the communications unit at the Beituniya Crossing, together with the Israeli Police, seized the equipment, that could have been used by terrorist groups.

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What are the โ€œnew settlementsโ€ in the Negev that Mansour Abbas is demanding?
When you imagine the establishment of new settlements, you probably think of architects and engineers who sit down together and plan framework and infrastructure of any new settlement down to the smallest detail.
But things in the Negev work differently.
Hundreds of thousands of illegal homes and structures throughout the Negev are scattered across enormous swaths of land. The policy that Abbas is pushing for is to simply draw an imaginary blue line around each cluster of illegal structures and call it a community.
Does that solve water, electricity, and construction problems? Is this a sensible, environmentally or socially sustainable utilization of the land? Of course not!
Will it restore the land the state has lost to the huge expansion of illegal construction? No; quite the opposite. The new agreement means that the State of Israel (and the Jewish residents of the Negev) will cede more and more land in the Negev for Bedouin “settlements,” and equitable, sustainable long-term planning be damned!
The bottom line is that Ra’am’s “nice ideas” are a disaster for the Negev, for Israeli sovereignty over what amounts to two thirds of the country’s total area, and for future national development.
Don’t be fooled: If Ra’am get their way, the country will essentially be split in half, with the northern and southern parts divided by a midriff section controlled by Bedouin clans – devoid of modern planning, beyond the reach of Israeli governance, a breeding ground for stunted communities with no sources of legal employment or industry and no prospects for development.
The Zionist vision for the Negev and for the country will be nothing more than a distant memory.
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Crime in Arab Society

Two private Jewish vehicles were set on fire in the industrial area of Afula. As a result of the fire, two other vehicles parked near them were slightly damaged. The investigation continues. 

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Israeli Police Arrest Suspects

Two suspects were arrested today for trying to attack occupants of a car in Hadera. 

According to the suspicion, the two blocked the passengers' vehicle using their vehicle and then tried to hit them.

Luckily, the vehicle occupants managed to escape. At the end of the interrogation of the suspects at the Hadera police station, it will be decided whether to bring them to a hearing on a request to extend their detention.

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Border Police Apprehend Suspects in Yarka

Israeli Border Police apprehended two suspects in Yarka for the transfer of livestock without permits. 

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Acre Residents Charged with Throwing Stones at Police

Police this morning filed a prosecutor's statement against two Acre residents on suspicion of throwing stones and shooting fireworks at police officers, during riots in the city about a month ago. 

As a result of these disturbances, several police officers were lightly injured. The indictment against the suspects will be filed tomorrow, and the police will request an extension of their detention until the end of the proceedings in the Acre District Court. 

More arrests are expected to result from these incidents.

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IDF and Israeli Police Thwarted Smuggling Attempt

IDF surveillance yesterday identified suspects transferring cases from Lebanon to Israeli territory. Both IDF and police forces monitored the suspects throughout the incident, and have arrested the Israeli suspects.

During the arrest, 15 pistols, 36 kg of cannabis, and dozens of ammunition cartridges with an estimated total value of approximately NIS 2,000,000 were seized. The suspects and the findings were transferred to security forces for the investigation.

The IDF is examining, among other things, whether the smuggling attempt was carried out with the help of the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

IDF forces and the Israeli police are investigating those behind the smuggling of weapons, and are leading an extensive effort against the phenomenon of drug and weapons smuggling from the Lebanese border.

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Why the Kaminitz Law Must Not be Cancelled
As part of the ongoing coalition negotiations, the Arab parties want to repeal the Kaminitz Law, the law that tackles illegal construction.
The Kaminitz Law was passed in 2017 in order to mitigate the problem of illegal construction on public and private lands throughout Israel. Before the law was incepted, thousands of new illegal structures were built every year, eating up land reserves, harming any long-term planning ability (particularly in Arab towns), and ruining Israel’s beautiful terrain.
Since its inception, the Arab parties have worked tirelessly to cancel the law. It’s worth noting that the law applies equally for all Israeli citizens.
Why is it so crucial for this law not to be repealed in the next government?
1. The law works! Between 2017-2019, ‘light’ construction offences declined by 41%, and severe offences declined by 75%!
2. The law has given the authorities effective enforcement tools to build up a deterrent against illegal construction. Long legal procedures have been cut, and local authorities can now act swiftly and firmly against criminals.
3. If the law is cancelled, the countrywide problem will return. It will create chaos and deal a major blow to Israeli governance – which is already weak. It will pretty much destroy any efficient, long-term, land policy, and harm the State’s ability to develop and build local and national infrastructure, much to the detriment of weaker towns and communities.
Whatever government is formed, the Kaminitz Law must not be repealed!
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Adding Injury to Insult
Last night, a terrorist who infiltrated from the Gaza Strip stabbed Andrei Dostov, the Security Coordinator of Avshalom, a Jewish community in the “Gaza Envelope” region. Andrei, who had been awarded certificates of excellence for his outstanding service, was unarmed.
Our story begins last year. Together with another Security Coordinator, Andrei apprehended Bedouin criminals from the squatters’ camp at Bir Hadaj and turned them over to the police.
The two Security Coordinators are Israel Police volunteers, and in the course of their duties they detained several suspects. The police officer who joined them issued the suspects citations for serious safety infractions and for violations of CoronaVirus regulations then in force.
The criminals took revenge by filing trumped up charges with the Internal Affairs Department. As a result, the two Security Coordinators’ personal firearms were impounded. Only last week, with the assistance of Regavim’s Legal Department, Andrei appealed for the return of his firearm, but his appeal was rejected on the grounds that there was “cause for concern for the public’s safety.”
Last night, Andrei sustained stab wounds to the arms and stomach, and was evacuated to the hospital for medical care. A second security team member, who arrived at the scene while the struggle was in progress, shot the intruder and neutralized him.
It’s clear beyond doubt that this brave and professional Security Coordinator is no threat to public safety; he is the protector of public safety! If the terrorist had come upon women and children rather encountering this trained and fearless man, last night would have ended in tragedy.
We hope that the Ministry of Public Security will come to its senses and return the Security Coordinators’ weapons without delay.
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Middle East News
Jordan Thwarts Attempt to Smuggle Huge Drug Shipment from Syria

Yesterday, the Jordanian authorities thwarted an attempt to smuggle a new drug shipment into the country. The shipment came from areas controlled by the Assad regime in southern Syria.

A source in the General Command of the Jordanian military forces said that the eastern military area, in coordination with the Director of Military Security and the Department of Drug Enforcement, thwarted the attempted intrusion by a smuggler vehicle from Syrian territory into the kingdom.

According to the source, Jordanian forces spotted smugglers trying to cross the border, which led to the smugglers abandoning their vehicle and escaping back to Syrian territory.

After scanning the area, the vehicle, loaded with one million and 127,000 "Captagon" pills and 7,620 "Hashish soles" was seized, and according to the military source, the seized cargo was transferred to  "relevant authorities".

The Jordanian military forces stressed in their statement that they would "fight with all their might and vigilance against any infiltration or smuggling attempt, and defend the borders from any threat to the security of the Jordanian state."

It should be noted that since Assad's forces entered southern Syria in mid - 2018, the Jordan - Syria border has witnessed a significant escalation in operations and attempts to smuggle drugs- and that Oman has thwarted hundreds of these attempts.

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Anti-Tank Weapons in Arab-Israeli City

The Israel Police captured over the last 48 hours anti-tank weapons and three guns in the Arab-Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm in northern Israel.

๐Ÿ“ธ Israel Police Spokesmanship

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Judea & Samaria
A "Different" Central Bus Station
We often tell you about illegal activity carried out on IDF Training Grounds, but this story is quite extraordinary.
In the heart of IDF Training Ground 203, in the western Binyamin region, a bus junkyard has recently appeared. Essentially, an area where the IDF is supposed to train has turned into a ‘central bus station’ for environmental damage and poor governance.
Sadly, we’ve become familiar with environmental criminals taking over parts of Judea and Samaria, ruining the natural landscape in the process. But this is a first: a junkyard of this kind and size that produces such an enormous amount of pollution, untreated metals and other materials.
How does it work?
Every so often, the Israeli bus company ‘Egged’ holds a tender for the sale of its old buses. Some are sold around the world, others are sold domestically.
In this case, the buyer (whose identity Egged refuses to disclose) takes old buses to his illegal junkyard on IDF Training Ground 203. The vehicles are dismantled without inspection or supervision, causing major environmental damage, and old parts find their way onto the black market.
Regavim approached the Civil Administration to demand that enforcement action is taken against the junkyard. CA officials responded, as expected, that enforcement will take place “in accordance with established priorities”. In other words: leave us alone, we’re busy.
And what about Egged?
The bus company claims that it’s not responsible for what happens in junkyards that it doesn’t own. Even if the purchase of old buses is made by a criminal, and despite the environmental damage, Egged isn’t interested. When we asked for information about the buyer, Egged refused to comment.
Until “enforcement priorities” reach the illegal junkyard, and until Egged stops cooperating with criminals, the environmental damage will continue and increase.
Someone has to take responsibility. And the junkyard owner must be held accountable.
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Terror Attack
Suspect Arrested for Throwing Molotov Cocktail

The Israel Police and GSS this evening arrested a third suspect in connection with the throwing of a Molotov cocktail at a house in Jaffa, from which a 12-year-old boy was injured. The suspect's detention was extended by five days.

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This Wednesday: emergency meeting in the Knesset
Author: Regavim Movement
On the back of recent Arab riots throughout Israel, we’re holding an emergency committee meeting in the Knesset to demand the collection of illegal weapons and the restoration of governance in mixed cities. The meeting is a joint initiative of Regavim and MK Amichai Chikli of the "Yemina" party.
During the meeting, facts, stats, and testimonies will be presented, and we’ll try to pinpoint the failures of the authorities that precipitated the violent attacks on Jewish citizens. Residents of the mixed cities will participate in the meeting, as well as local leaders, and civil organizations that worked alongside us to provide support for the Jewish communities.
The return to routine can’t be complete until security and governance are restored to the streets. We can’t sleep quietly until the illegal weapons – that were also directed at Jewish citizens and the security forces – are confiscated.
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Israeli Police Statement on Disturbances
A 15-year-old resident of one of the villages surrounding the city of Afula was recently arrested on suspicion of violating the dignity of the flag - an offense punishable by up to 3 years in prison. The minor was observed lowering the Israeli flag from the council building in a manner that insults it, while encouraged by the young people who were with him. The Israel Police again calls on parents, education officials, heads of authorities, leaders, religious leaders to restrain young people and act to prevent bullying and violent behavior. As part of the riots that took place yesterday throughout the Northern District, 67 suspects were arrested for setting fire and throwing stones.
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Minister of Internal Security MK Ohana Makes Statement on Riots in Jerusalem
The Minister of Internal Security, MK Amir Ohana, recently completed a special situation assessment together with the Commissioner of Police, the Jerusalem District Commander, and other senior officials. The assessment was conducted in order to test the readiness of the forces in preparation for "Qadr Night". "The Israeli Police is constantly working to enable freedom of worship, and maintain order and security. At the same time, we will not allow violent riots, breaking of the law, and harming police officers " Chief of Police Yaakov Shabtai said. Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana stated: "Large forces are now active in Jerusalem to allow anyone who wants to come and pray as part of 'Qadr Night' to do so freely, and indeed tens of thousands of worshipers are expected, but will also prevent any violence and violation of law and order. Yesterday, Border Police forces thwarted a major attack that could have taken place in Jerusalem. We have no intention of compromising the safety and security of Israeli citizens and security forces. I call on everyone to calm down and resume their routine, I wish a happy holiday to Muslim believers and a good week to all. " Spokeswoman for the Police / Communications Minister of Internal Security, ๐Ÿ“ทWalla News ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ IF YOU LOVE ISRAEL - SHARE NEWSRAEL! ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ
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Two Arrested for Assaulting Israeli Police in Jerusalem
Two people were arrested recently on suspicion of assaulting police officers with pepper spray in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem. During a search of the suspects conducted by the police, assault weapons were found and the two were taken for questioning.
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Terror Attack
UPDATE: Terrorists Neutralized by Border Police
Israeli Border Police combat soldiers have neutralized the three terrorists who opened fire at a Border Police base in Salam. Earlier, three terrorists armed with Carlo weapons opened fire at the gate of the base. In a determined and professional response, border guards who were at the scene along with an IDF soldier fired at the attackers, succeeding in neutralizing all three of them. During an inspection at the scene, three guns along with knives that each of the terrorists had were seized. One of the terrorists also had bullets in bulk. Medical officials pronounced the deaths of two of the terrorists, the third received primary medical care from the border police and was evacuated to the hospital in critical condition. The identities of the terrorists are still being investigated by security officials. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ IF YOU LOVE ISRAEL - SHARE NEWSRAEL! ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ
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