Do You Watch Any Israeli TV Shows? Israeli cinema has gained traction in recent years, with many compelling TV shows widely available on streaming platforms such as Netflix. Some of the most well known are Fauda and The Spy. Do you watch any Israeli TV shows? Would you like to see Israeli cinema reach a wider audience? Let us know what you think in the comments below! ?? IF YOU LOVE ISRAEL - SHARE NEWSRAEL! ??
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Lois Blankenship 11:19 11.12.2020
yes i do thank you .
Sharon Destefano 05:31 11.12.2020
Mike Davidson 00:17 11.12.2020
Brian Carpenter 00:07 11.12.2020
Yes. Cruising Israel, various ministries
Kathleen Phillips 00:06 11.12.2020
TV 7 with Jonathan Hessen
Anton J 00:04 11.12.2020
Susan Medrano 23:32 10.12.2020
News to me.
Coy Graves 23:26 10.12.2020
yeah TV7
Mary Moore 23:20 10.12.2020
I did not know there were any on Netflix. I haven't séen much Netflix.
Don Lashua 23:17 10.12.2020
The news is fa to better for knowing what is happening in the world than normal US networks.
Bobby Harabis 22:57 10.12.2020
Rhoda Rhoda 22:54 10.12.2020
Yes , iwould very much like to see more cinema ! Are there any other movies or shows ?
Rhoda Rhoda 22:52 10.12.2020
I didnt know & I watch Netflix a lot
Thomas Kopper 22:47 10.12.2020
I really like Fauda
tony perez 22:31 10.12.2020
Yes! Great Stuff. Crank out some more.
Lisa Owens 22:26 10.12.2020
I have not watched Israeli cinema.
darrel snider 22:25 10.12.2020
George William 22:16 10.12.2020
did not know about this
EverettnLinda Priddy 22:14 10.12.2020 may I do this?
Sandra Garciar 22:09 10.12.2020
Was not aware - thank you for bringing this out.
Susan Lyas 21:43 10.12.2020
We loved Fauda. Have watched many movies recently on the Holecaust
Barbara Endlich 21:41 10.12.2020
Yes would love to see some more Israely movies ??????
21:36 10.12.2020
Definately i want to see more
darrel snider 21:34 10.12.2020
did not know this
Bettye Watson 21:33 10.12.2020
Yes. I watched both.
Carolyn Morton 21:31 10.12.2020
No I dont watch it.didnt even know about it
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