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Israeli and Moroccon efforts to establish peace in Western Sahara: The Arab world invests much effort in establishing the recognition of the legitimacy of its leaders.  Many Arab states have chosen a path of political ideology, using forceful means and relying on Arab socialist doctrines, alongside the fiery preservation of opposition to the existence of the State of Israel.  Several daring Arab statesmen have already broken out of this paradigm and reached peace with Israel - President Sadat and King Hussein, and now King Hemed of Bahrain and Sheikh Zayed of the United Arab Emirates have also joined this trend.  Peace with Israel is not a risk-free strategy and some of the opponents of these leaders threatened their lives, but they still chose the path of peace. King Muhammad VI also now boldly announced the accession of Morocco to the circle of states establishing official peace with Israel. This declaration entails considerable risks for Morocco.  The security challenges facing Morocco lie in Western Sahara, an area that was formerly under Spanish control and is currently undergoing a struggle and dispute as many tribes in the area claim to have a historical connection with the area. The Polisario forces, supported by Algeria and more recently by Iran, threaten the territorial integrity of Morocco itself. In 2018, Morocco presented documents to the Iranian government, proving that Tehran is arming the Polisario forces with the training and help of Hezbollah.  The United States recognized Israel's substantial connection to the Golan Heights, as well as Morocco's affiliation with Western Sahara and acted to fortify political moderation throughout the region and to undermine the extremist axis.  The connection between Israel's and Morocco's efforts to establish peace and the situation in Western Sahara is clear.  When the moderate voices are heard clearly and distinctly in Arab countries, peace becomes a reality before our eyes.  But if Iran continues to pursue its expansionist pursuits unhindered, peace could be cut short. The determination of the United States and its allies is the key to a new era in the Middle East. Source: The Jerusalem Center for Public and State Affairs ?? IF YOU LOVE ISRAEL - SHARE NEWSRAEL! ??
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Israel needs to protect its citizens so yes
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if you can shut down plo and Iran it will
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