Peace Agreements
The Abraham Accords Move Forward Israel has reopened today its diplomatic representation in Rabat, capital of Morocco, 20 years after it was closed. At the same time, the Israeli general Consulate has opened today in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lior Hayat said that the main goal of the Consulate will be to develop the economic, tourism and aviation ties between the countries. Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabi Ashkenazi said that this completes the first stage of the Abraham Accords. “This is live evidence to the changes that are happening in the Middle East”, said Ashkenazi, “and to the warm peace between us and the countries in the region”. Source: H Breaking News ? Reuben Castro ?? IF YOU LOVE ISRAEL - SHARE NEWSRAEL! ??
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Lois Blankenship 12:33 27.01.2021
Hashems shalom peace and wisdom and discernment be upon the middle East and the world amen .
tom Tx 19:20 26.01.2021
hope for better but ,hopeless Biden who will trust
Ron Ryan 18:00 26.01.2021
Israel, please continue to confirm peace. God is with you!
Rhoda Rhoda 17:49 26.01.2021
Amen to that ... what God wants says it All
John Shidler 17:28 26.01.2021
When the world says “peace, peace”,Look out!
Shari Patterson 17:16 26.01.2021
yes it would be great for God to cover the world in His peace. Cover everyone with His feathers
Shari Patterson 17:13 26.01.2021
God wants peace and want the best for Israel
William Fox 17:12 26.01.2021
would be wonderful to see peace cover the world like a warm blanket
darrel snider 17:03 26.01.2021
God wants peace there be peace
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