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Middle East Analysis Video Daily Show - Implications of a Palestinian State

Dr. Martin Sherman of The Israel Institute for Strategic Studies discusses the implications of a possible Jihadi State adjacent to the trans-Israel Highway.

If only people would look at a map of the Middle East, they would understand that a Palestinian state is the recepie for regional war.


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Howard Amonick 01:23 07.03.2022
The Arabs have had so many chances to better themselves and provide a future for their children and yet they continue to shoot themselves in the foot by being warlike instead of peace-makers.
Pamela Hackner 23:08 06.03.2022
There was never a country called Arab palestine in history nor was the Land of Israel ever a Arab country So no new country should be made for them They have Jordan which they were given by the Brit
Joy Moss-Rendell 00:16 31.10.2021
It must never occur. We have to keep always the Judean Hills and Jordan Rift Valley.
Rhoda Rhoda 04:04 02.04.2021
I pray Not ! Please dont let this be .