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Meet Druze leaders changing Israel for the better AIMAN AMER, founder of Skillinn Technologies Amer served in the famed IDF signal intelligence unit 8200, which has spawned a large percentage of Israel’s high-tech entrepreneurs. In 1999, armed with a degree in computer science, Aiman embarked on a 17-year career recruiting and managing employees while building and managing Israeli R&D centers for multinational companies such as Intel, Microsoft and Nokia. His experience taught him that high-tech companies struggle to find potential employees with the exact talents they need. In 2017, he cofounded HR-tech company Skillinn with a Jewish partner and with an investment from serial entrepreneur David Maman. Amer describes Skillinn as “the fastest search engine for tech talent. It’s an easy and intuitive platform that measures technical skills.” Skillinn gathers and crunches data provided by the candidate and from external sources including professional online forums and posts. The Herzliya-based startup works with job seekers and with recruiters at companies worldwide. It also cooperates with an Israeli Ministry of Labor initiative to increase opportunities for Arabs in Israel’s high-tech ecosystem. Skillinn has extended its reach to the West Bank and Jordan, and soon Dubai. Source: IsraelC21.Org
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