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The secret of Edy Cohen's (journalist, Ph.D, expert on Arab Affairs and contributor to NEWSRAEL) tweet about Prince Hamza days before the arrest storm in Jordan Two days before the Jordanian army demanded that the king's half-brother stop "movements and activities for the sake of Jordan's security and stability," Israeli journalist Eddie Cohen tweeted, saying he had information indicating that the former crown prince, the prince. Hamza bin al-Hussein, "trying with all his might to become king." Prince Hamza is the eldest son of the late King Hussein from his American wife, Queen Nur. King Abdullah removed Prince Hamza from the post of Crown Prince in 2004 while strengthening his power. And after Jordan announced on Saturday night that it was conducting comprehensive security investigations, which led to the arrest of a former minister, a member of the royal family, and others whose names were not revealed, Twitter users returned to read Cohen's tweet. Cohen tells the al-Hura website: "This is a piece of information that belongs to me, and it was not published by the Israeli press. I received it from intelligence agencies that are proficient in the subject, and I also checked it through my other sources." "Certainly this information came to Jordan, indirectly," he added. But what Cohen wrote contradicts little official information leaked about developments in Jordan, as Prince Hamza said in a videotape that his lawyer had announced through the BBC that he did not partner with a foreign liaison to attack "Jordan's security and stability". On this inconsistency, Cohen said: "I do not know exactly what happened, but Prince Hamza has a role in what happened. The conspiracy is wide and not easy." Pic: The original Tweet of Edy Cohen on April1 2021 ?? IF YOU LOVE ISRAEL - SHARE NEWSRAEL! ?? Source: Nziv.Net
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Tony Pettitt 19:38 04.04.2021
They own the DOJ do you think this is really going to happen
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