The Iranian Threat
VIDEO: Lebanese Journalist Calls on Arab Countries to Oppose Hezbollah, Iranians in Lebanon [NEWSRAEL - Why this matters?]

Iran is using Hezbollah to bring chaos, destruction to Arab countries

Source: MBC TV (Saudi Arabia)

In a November 5, 2021 interview on MBC 1 (Saudi Arabia), Lebanese journalist Tony Abi Najem called on the Arab countries to oppose Hezbollah and the influence of Iran in Lebanon and the region. Abi Najem said that Iran has been using Hezbollah to advance a "Persian plan" to bring chaos and destruction to the Arab world, and stressed that there can be no peace as long as Hezbollah controls Lebanon. 

He also said that a joint front of Arab countries would be able to confront Hezbollah and pressure it to disarm in accordance with U.N. Security Council resolutions. In a reference to recent tensions between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, Abi Najem urged Saudi Arabia not to withdraw from Lebanon because many people in Lebanon are Saudi Arabia's allies and need its support. 

Tony Abi Najem: "We in Lebanon have been abandoned a while ago, I'm sad to say. The biggest problem was some Arab countries' mistaken view of the Lebanese crisis. Their premise was that as long as Hezbollah operates [only] in Lebanon we should let the Lebanese figure this out by themselves. 

At the same time, Iran's perspective was different. For Iran, the birth of Hezbollah, its training, and its armament, was in order to turn it into a spearhead in their plan to export the Revolution. In fact, this is a plan to export chaos and destruction.

NEWSRAEL - Why this matters?

Because of the crisis in Lebanon, we are hearing more and more open talk about the threat of Iran and its proxies - most notably (but not only) being Hezbollah. Though for the most, Israel's name is never mentioned, it is obvious that Israel with its strong arm - the IDF - and the Abraham Accords - are the major cog in the Middle East, allowing to take care of a problem that has been plaguing the Arab world since 1979 when Khomeini stepped down from the France jet that brought him - and chaos - to the whole world.

Let's hope that this coalition continues and that Israel will take a more recognized spot in it.

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