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Prices in Iran soar, in Lebanon no electricity

In Iran, prices are rising by tens of percent, in disintegrating Syria is looking for sources of income and turning to drug exports, and Lebanese citizens settle for two hours a day of electricity.

But, it would be a mistake to conclude that the growing economic difficulty is necessarily a danger to regimes. One of the characteristics of the countries of the region is adaptability and finding solutions to difficult situations. This is also what explains the survival of the regime in Damascus despite the civil war, and of Tehran despite the sanctions.

The rulers of the Middle East know how to survive, and the population suffers and tries to adapt or flee the country. The economic situation can continue to deteriorate to a level where there is nothing to eat but the centers of power do not fall.

Source: Globes

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Henry Lee 07:28 22.05.2022
Whilst the population starve,the terrorists are enjoying their lives.
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