The War in Syria
Latakia port and the Iranian connection - interesting details and background

The attack on the port of Latakia tonight reaffirms the Iranian connection to it. But this was not always the case. Prior to the Syrian civil war, Iranian influence in the Syrian coastal area was relatively limited.

The American presence in Syria (Ba-Tanaf base) has forced the Iranians to look for new ways of supply and logistics. Also, Russia's growing presence in Syrian seaports (Tartus, Banias) has increased Iranian “appetite” not to stay out of the picture.

In 2018, during President Assad's visit to Tehran, he agreed to transfer control of the port to Iran. A company affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards began conducting unloading and loading operations at the port, which helped Iran circumvent some of the US sanctions. The Iranian dream she has previously stated is to create a land connection (by train) from Iran via Iraq to the port of Latakia, which will allow her access to the Mediterranean.

The port has undergone an "Iranization" process when a few months ago it was reported that a number of officials had been removed and replaced by Iranian agents, such as the port's warehouse manager.

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