Lebanon Crises
Nasrallah: "Lebanon is not subject to Iran" - Lebanese Elections May 15

"We are neither tools nor agents nor chess tools. The Islamic Republic does not interfere in Lebanon, neither in politics nor in elections, and you have seen which ambassadors travel in Lebanon."

Hezbollah Secretary-General Said Hassan Nasrallah stressed in a last minute election speech that his party should be represented in any future government, as he stressed that Lebanon could not be ruled unilaterally regardless of who won the parliamentary majority.

"We will continue to insist on being present in every government, regardless of its character, structure and plan, to protect the back of the opposition," Nasrallah said at an election rally via video link.

# Lebanon Crises # Hezbollah
CaptJinx Marine 12:45 14.05.2022
The new government’s first move should be to jail Hezbollah leaders
Henry Lee 06:19 14.05.2022
Power sharing is best but Hezbollah has overwhelm control over everything. That's not fair right!
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