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IDF, Security OPs overnight [IDF VIDEO]

Tonight (Sunday), the IDF, the GSS and the Border Police arrested wanted persons suspected of aiding the terrorists who carried out the attack that took place in Elad and Ariel

IDF, GSS and Border Police forces operated last night in the village of Romana in the Menashe Territorial Brigade area, as part of the operation.

At the same time, IDF and GSS forces operated in the village of Karawat Bnei Hassan in the Ephraim Regional Brigade and arrested two suspects in aiding the shooting attack that took place in Ariel.

Among other things, the forces operated in the Balata refugee camp and in the villages of Al Aida, Wallaja, Beit Rima, Bil'in, Azzun, Katana and Hizma and arrested other wanted persons suspected of terrorist activities. During the operation in the village of Azzun, two knives and two pistols were found.

During the night, 15 wanted persons were arrested. All the suspects and weapons were transferred for further investigation by the security forces.

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CaptJinx Marine 17:35 09.05.2022
Good job locating these felons. But if you effed up one of these terrorist and left him on the side of the road you give these animals a message.
C & 15:44 09.05.2022
😃👏👏👏👏👏🙌🔥🔥🔥🙏🎉 Hallelujah!! Great job IDF!!! ❤️🕊️