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It Is Time for NATO to Confront Iran

For decades Tehran has consistently lied about the true extent of its nuclear ambitions, so it should come as no surprise that Iran's instinctive response, when confronted about its military support for Russia, has been to issue a denial.

Iran's belated admission that it is actively supporting the Russian war effort is certainly an alarming development, one that completely destroys the argument that Iran's malign activities are solely confined to the Middle East.

The implications of Iran's deepening involvement in the Ukraine conflict can no longer be ignored, as they now constitute a direct threat to European security, a development that Nato leaders need to take on board as a matter of urgency.

Source - Gatestone Institute/Twitter - Image - Reuters

Con Coughlin is a British journalist and author, currently The Daily Telegraph defence editor.

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Tuin Boon 20:34 17.11.2022
Clear that these Islam terrorists are aiming for world dominance nothing more, nothing less