The War in Syria
Syrian Army Division 11 withdrew from its positions on the banks of the Euphrates

A Syrian news network reporter - "Media River" reports that the 11th Division of Assad's forces evacuated 4 of its headquarters, in the village of al-Suiya - al-Sui'iyah in the rural area of the city of al-Bukhamal province, and withdrew all its troops on their equipment towards the city of al-Bukmal.

The reporter added that the four headquarters were located on the banks of the Euphrates River in the area of the town of al-Su'iya, which is the only presence of Syrian army forces in the eastern rural area of ??al-Bukmal, which was taken over by Iranian militias.

It should be noted that Division 11 currently has only two outposts under its control of the riverbank, and its presence is currently limited to the city of al-Bukmal, east of Deir a-Zour.

Note: The withdrawal of the Syrian army's Division 11 must be seen against the background of the steadfast struggle between the Russian forces and the Iranian forces and the militias under its control, which are operating throughout eastern Syria and have recently begun their movement north towards Kamishli.

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