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The Strengthening of The Jihad: Stupidity or Malign Intent

When looking, with penetrating gaze, at what happened in recent months in Israel, the Middle East and the world, there is no escape from concluding that the complex phenomena of jihad, an Arabic term, is increasing and it is conquering goals that before 2021 were far out of the jihadists’ reach.

Just to clarify: Jihad – an Islamic term meaning “Strenuous effort” is not only militarily. It also includes economic, communication and media, civil, political, social and any other type of activity, but especially immigration to heretical lands and settling there, designated to “make the word of Allah superior And the non-believers’ word inferior.”

Every Muslim can take part in jihad, in any of these activities, and his or her reward from Allah is guaranteed.

The signal for the beginning of the current wave of jihad was Donald Trump’s departure from the US presidency, in January 2021. During his four years in office, Trump was the major immigration barrier to the Jihad designed to flood the US with waves of Muslim immigrants, after it flooded Europe.

Trump’s most important activity against jihad was the restraint he imposed on Iran’s jihadist activities through economic sanctions and the exit from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal.

Trump’s departure and Biden’s entry into the White House has given the Iranian jihad a tailwind. The many thousands of Muslim immigrants intending to enter and settle in the United States also have an easy path now.

Biden also gives tailwind to the Palestinian Authority’s jihad against Israel by restoring US financial support to the PA, reopening the PLO mission in Washington D.C. and intending to reopen the US “consulate” in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, to express – albeit implicitly – that the Jerusalem is the capital of “Palestine.”

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