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The US has warned Russia that it will support an uprising in Ukraine if it invades

The United States is threatening to arm an armed uprising against Russia if it invades Ukraine, the New York Times reported yesterday (Saturday), on the eve of talks this week between US, European and Russian representatives on the crisis in Eastern Europe, the worst the continent has known since the end of the Cold War.

Officials in the Biden administration have unveiled for the first time the package of sanctions being formulated by Washington and its European allies, which they say will be implemented within hours if Russia chooses to attack its neighbor once again. The United States and Europe hope that these potential sanctions will deter Russian President Vladimir Putin, who in turn demands guarantees that Ukraine will not join NATO and that the alliance will reduce its presence in Eastern Europe.

In addition to the armament of Ukrainian forces, advisers to the US president told the New York Times that the sanctions would include the disconnection of Russia's largest financial institutions from the world economy, an embargo on American technology necessary for the defense and consumer industries. Leaking the potential punitive measures before they are based is a rare step, but the United States hopes to make clear to Putin the price that an attack against Ukraine will charge him.

Moscow denies having such an intention, despite the deployment of tens of thousands of troops on the borders of the former Soviet republic in recent months. However, the Kremlin claims that NATO poses a growing threat to Russia, and that the deployment of Allied forces in Ukraine is a "red line" for Moscow.

According to the report, in order to highlight the potential damage to Russia, the chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Millie, warned his Russian counterpart Valery Gersimov two weeks ago in a phone call that an invasion of Ukraine could end similar to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Millie did not elaborate to the Russian military commander on plans to arm such an uprising, but it is expected to include the supply of advanced weapons to the rebels, presumably Stinger anti-aircraft missiles as well.

Intelligence sources estimate that Russia's full invasion of Ukraine is a less likely scenario, but rather attempts to take over more territory in eastern Ukraine or create a land bridge from Russia to the Crimea. NATO members are expected to discuss a plan this week to increase, probably by several thousand, the number of troops stationed in the Baltic and southeastern European countries.

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Thomas Murray 01:52 10.01.2022
Biden’s foolishness continues to be on display.
Jael Kalashnikov 01:16 10.01.2022
The Ukraine is a globalist stronghold and one of the most corrupt countries on the entire planet. Citizens have been made prisoners in their own country. Putin will kick the globalists out!
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