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WATCH: Temple Mount police arrest Islamic agitators

Palestinian Muslim agitators tried to prevent the ascent of Jewish worshippers and attacked the Israeli police.

During the ascension of the Jewish worshipers to the Temple Mount, as part of the arrangements made and under the security of the police, barbaric Islamic mosque guards tried to prevent the Jews from going and assaulted the police. The Police arrested the Muslim thugs for assaulting them.

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13:12 13.10.2022
Keep up the good work POLICE
Selina 18:01 12.10.2022
It's nice to see police doing thier jobs. Thank you! 👍👍
Joe Deloach 15:41 12.10.2022
Most Stupidest president this country has ever had!
John Ross 15:33 12.10.2022
This Biden and Obama so dumb so anti American.. how stupid my god.. Iran is a terrorist country killing its own people abusing and torturing women and this Biden wants to give them what they want