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After 16 years of relative silence: Is Nasrallah interested in war?

The leader of Hezbollah wants to become the defender of Lebanon again - this time in the economic version, and sees a conflict as a realistic option | Analysis

"The believers who go to war against them are hereby given permission to fight back because they have been wronged. May Allah be able to come to their aid," this was the verse with which the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, began his final and inaugural speech a week ago, during which he continued to prepare the ground for a confrontation with Israel around The issue of gas and oil resources in the Mediterranean, the tensions around which are reaching a peak.

According to some commentators, the verse in question taken from Surat Al-Hajj in the Qur'an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad while he and his people were being expelled for no wrongdoing from Mecca to the city of Al-Madinah in 622 AD. Nasrallah's choice of this verse, like every word in his speeches, is not accidental.

But it seems that recently something in the lexicon has changed and suddenly the word "war" sounds more and more like a realistic option for the Hezbollah leader.  In the same speech, Nasrallah said the following sentence: "If the choice is that Lebanon will not receive aid and will continue to be dragged into collapse, famine and internal war, then no. The option of war is much more respectable."

Source: Kan News

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pflip521 03:39 23.07.2022
But he won't be the one out on the front lines fighting, he'll be back hiding under his skirt. It's easy to send others
John Ross 01:35 23.07.2022
Nasrallah hides like a cockroach underground.. the coward talks tough from his hole!! Lebanese Christians are sick of this ass this pig they want him out.. hezbollah is a cancer upon Lebanon
Henry Lee 00:54 23.07.2022
The Question here is what do Lebanon wants from Israel? Will Hezbollah lead the way to negotiate with Israel.! Talking will do no good. Concrete action needed to be done. God bless all in Jesus' name.