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Biden’s Drilling ‘Poison Pill’ Sabotages Domestic Energy Production

With gas prices soaring and the Biden administration getting negative publicity and scoring judicial backlash for blocking drilling, the radicals are trying to poison what they can’t block outright.

After Biden’s takeover of BLM, (Bureau of Land Management), it’s still committed to blocking drilling, while formally appearing to authorize it.

That means the royalty rate is up to nearly 1/5th and the amount of space being covered by these leases is less than a fifth. 

The poison pill gets worse from there because, as you can guess, the Biden admin is trying to offer poor sites, when possible, that have already been extensively explored and played out. 

The game plan here is to avoid criticism by claiming to be offering drilling options even while doing everything possible to deter companies from actually pursuing these options by making them as unprofitable and unviable as possible without technically running afoul of the law.

Biden is still determined to keep America depended on foreign energy, on Islamic oil and Chinese solar panels, instead of building our own energy independence.

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Bro Hes 03:15 18.04.2022
Enough! Believe, and you will see it never was y2k, but y3k. Besides, God said in August 2000, it's just the Republican Party WIN; but it's not just the Democratic Party win. Amen אמנ. USAGOP.
Ken Frutiger 01:18 18.04.2022
I hope Anna is right also!!
Tom Myers 23:16 17.04.2022
Joe Biden is just as deceptive as his sons’s laptop.
Mike Galarneau 23:09 17.04.2022
I sure hope your right Anna
Anna Payton 23:02 17.04.2022
Illegitimate Joey won't be in much longer, can't wait until November, the whole Biden crime family will be in prison and the Clinton's, and obamas
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