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Goodbye smartphones - welcome EYEJets Innovation

Israeli EYEJets envisions a world with no screens since everyone already has one - their eyes - which will be the world's next smartphone

A unique and groundbreaking technology platform ("Eyevis") that projects all digital information: pictures, emails, television, AR, VR, and more - directly into the eye and registered on the retina through a unique laser scanning system in the eye's vision center.

Eyejets is working closely with Google, Meta (formerly Facebook), Apple and a host of other tech giants, who all recognize that smart glasses will, within a decade, replace smartphones.

Photo: Reuters

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Raymond Fodor 00:47 24.09.2022
All these comments are wrong. These are merely great scientific achievements whose future can not yet be predicated. We must not be afraid of change or new advancements.
Savilla Hudson 07:03 23.09.2022
01:10 23.09.2022
Mark of the Beast will manipulate human DNA. Nephilim-like breeding. Satanic bloodlines. Do not be deceived
La Jun 23:32 22.09.2022
Well. Everything is paving the way for the worship of the image and the mark of the beast. We're Generation 42/Last/Final Generation. Next one straight to peoples forehead and right hand control by NW