Israeli Pride
Israelis donated more than NIS 30,000 in a matter of hours to a soldier from a poor family living in distress

There are a lot of caring Israelis!

"A." - now wrote to me that hundreds of people had transferred more than NIS 30,000 to him in total. What happiness to see the great mobilization for one soldier who is in trouble

A., a fighter in the IDF turned to me for help, and we are sharing his story: "I am struggling to remain a fighter and serve the country, but the economic situation at home is too difficult. My mother is very ill and can not work, I have little brothers and there is no way to pay rent or even food. The army helped but it is not enough and I feel lost.' 

Thanks to all helpful people!


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Fredius Embahe 19:58 01.06.2021
I want to help how do I go about it.
Jenny Shomo 12:47 01.06.2021
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