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Breaking: Large sections of Lebanon without electricity

Lebanon has no electricity after the country's biggest two power stations shut down due to a fuel shortage, a government official told Reuters on Saturday.

The power outage will continue for a few days, the official added.


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Pamela Lovejoy 17:45 09.10.2021
Too much going on in the world. Hope they get power really soon..
Justice Sunday 16:32 09.10.2021
Repentance is what we all need to pray for, because God the Eternal King of heaven is angry because of the sins of the whole nation, I tell you the truth, Jesus is coming soon
16:27 09.10.2021
A fuel shortage in Lebanon? Really? In Lebanon?
Anna Payton 16:09 09.10.2021
His climate change.
Anna Payton 16:09 09.10.2021
Yeah thats been happening in California because of their climate change idiot plan, and it happened in Texas, everything froze up, because of GOD in Heaven climate change. GODS going to keep showing.
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