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Belgium will mark products from the settlements; The Deputy Foreign Minister canceled meetings in Brussels in protest

Brussels this week adopted a new policy, according to which the customs authorities will immediately start inspecting goods coming from Israel and marking products from the settlements. At the same time, the Belgian government will begin work on a full boycott of settlement products and companies will be warned to make sure they are not involved in human rights violations in the territories.

The Belgian government this week decided to start labeling products from Israeli settlements in the West Bank that are imported into the country. Foreign Ministry officials said that following the move, it was decided to cancel all meetings planned for Deputy Foreign Minister Idan Roll with representatives of the government and parliament today in Brussels.

The European Commission - the executive arm of the European Union - already in 2015 instructed all member states to start marking products from the settlements. But since then very few EU countries have implemented the directive and adopted regulations on the subject. Israel fears that the move in Belgium will rekindle the issue in other EU countries.

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Dennis Bell 16:36 25.11.2021
Even with them able to read their bible and look at the maps in them. Stupid is as eu stupid does. Belgium memories are short on terrorism.
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