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US Senator Fetterman: ‘There’s only one clear right side and that’s with Israel’

US Senator John Fetterman, a Democrat in Pennsylvania who has been a vocal supporter of Israel since the outbreak of the war, says he will continue to stand by Israel even given the attacks he has been subjected to.

Fetterman has been hounded at his home and at his office — which is adorned with Israeli flags as well as posters of the hostages held in Gaza — by protesters accusing him of supporting “genocide.”

He has responded by waving Israeli flags at them on multiple occasions.

“It’s been incredibly easy to be on the right side, and I believe the right side is with Israel,” he tells Channel 12 tonight.

“It’s my job as a senator to be on the right side on any issue. And after what happened, especially after October 7, there’s really only one clear right side and that’s with Israel,” he says in response to a question on how he has been navigating the protests.

The senator has met with families of hostages in Gaza on a number of occasions and says he was “blown away” by their “grace and poise,” in light of the horrific events of October 7.

“I was struggling to maintain my composure, because I can imagine, I have three young children…and I can’t imagine what if they’ve been there,” he says.

Amid vocal calls for a ceasefire after four months of war, he says: “If you’re going to protest demanding a ceasefire, why aren’t you instead demanding that the hostages be brought home again, and why aren’t you demanding that Hamas surrender?”

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[Anonymous] 00:37 16.02.2024
Seems like he was red pilled during his hospitalization. 🤣 I’m no fan of him but definitely glad he supports Israel!
Mike Galarneau 01:15 13.02.2024
I'm not fond of him. But that is the most Intelligent and agreeable thing I have ever herd him say
[Anonymous] 23:04 12.02.2024
Keep your eye on the ball. Focus on the democrats actions, policies and failures versus watching feeble minded puppet Joe. Watch for the democrats sucker punch.
Lamko Cecile 15:29 12.02.2024
Bless you! I will always stand and pray for Israel and IDF
[Anonymous] 14:31 12.02.2024
His brain has miraculously healed and he is of sound mind
Dalya Horowitz 14:08 12.02.2024
Hiram Moran I couldn't have said it better myself. Feddermann is proving to be a real stand-up guy.
Hiram Moran 13:42 12.02.2024
It's really hard for me but I'm starting to like this guy. Only democrat I've seen with balls
Heather Redden 12:36 12.02.2024
An NDE and realized that Eternity and the spiritual world is more real than this one😳😳
Heather Redden 12:35 12.02.2024
I think you’re right…the stroke has set his thoughts in order… or he had
R C 12:15 12.02.2024
I'm a hard-core Trump supporter, but I'm beginning to like Fetterman. Looks like the stroke has put sense into his head.
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