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Meet Israeli artist group Broken Fingaz

One of the street murals done by Broken Fingaz in Mexico, 2019. Photo: courtesy

Israel’s most successful street-art crew – four men who don’t reveal their real names — got started in Haifa and branched out across the globe with commissions ranging from pop-art murals to 3D installations to album covers and U2 music videos.

Paris, London, Bratislava, Las Vegas, Bremen, Chengdu, Los Angeles, Milan, Berlin, Krakow, Rio de Janeiro, Seattle, Portland, Dusseldorf, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Mexico City… there’s hardly a major city (and some remote ones, like Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam) these four guys haven’t livened up with their splashy graphics.

Broken Fingaz exhibition at Crazy Eye Hotel, London. Photo: courtesy
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