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The Israeli purification device that zaps airborne RSV virus

Trial shows Aura Air’s ability to significantly reduce aerosolized viruses responsible for the ‘tripledemic’ of RSV, Covid-19, and flu

Israel-based Aura Air says its four-stage air disinfection and purification devices can help, according to newly released results of an independent study. The Innovative Bioanalysis Laboratory study shows Aura Air’s system successfully filters and removes 99.99% of airborne RSV particles.

In addition to RSV, Innovative Bioanalysis Laboratory and Israel’s Sheba Medical Center confirmed that Aura Air successfully filters and removes 99.99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and 99.98% of Influenza A (flu) virus particles, in addition to many other pathogens and allergens.

Image - Courtesy of Aura Air

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Dretch 20:09 09.01.2023
@Linda about $550 or so I think.
Michael Nicholls 19:04 09.01.2023
Only from our creator can people have this knowledge fascinating Baruch Hashem
Chris Morrow 18:48 09.01.2023
Amen blessing
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Linda Trollinger 14:41 09.01.2023
How much does it cost?
Dretch 13:50 09.01.2023
I personally have one of these. It's amazing!