'My Heart Jumped, He Wanted the Medal:' Artem's Father

The Dolgopyat family in Rishon LeZion was engulfed in joy on Sunday following son Artem’s gold medal grab in the Olympics.

The father, Oleg, who was on his way to work when speaking to the media, said: “my heart is jumping, I can’t hold what’s inside of my body. I am so very happy, I don’t have many words to describe the feeling. Thanks a lot to my son, his coaches. All excellent people.”

Oleg continued in his heart-felt comments, saying that “we watched the final and were very excited. I wanted him to take the gold, he wanted that as well and that’s what happened.

“Before the tournament, we did not utter a word on medals, no one speaks about that before -- that is a bad omen,” he relayed.

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