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IDF: Activity of Drone units - WATCH

IDF Spokesman: More than 2000 flight hours, over 100 sorties, and dozens of attacks - the UAV units formed a significant part of the IDF's operational activities during Operation "Dawn Breaking". The Unit operated in an accurate and deadly manner and exacted a heavy price from the PIJ organization when he damaged his abilities.

Remotely manned aircraft have become an influential factor in the IDF's operational activity in recent years. At any given time, the UAVs are in the air and perform intelligence gathering, observation, attack and closing fire circles missions.

Recently, the attack capabilities of the remotely manned aircraft, through which terrorist operatives and wanted persons of the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip have been thwarted in recent years, were allowed to be published.

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Alvin Romero 02:05 18.08.2022
I hope that isn’t Obama in the picture for Israel’s sake 🤠