The War in Syria
BREAKING: Heavy activity of the Israeli Air Force in the skies of Lebanon

In the last few minutes, it has been reported that Israeli fighter jets are flying at medium and low altitudes above the Atron, which is north of Beirut.
It is also reported that the planes are carrying out dummy attacks over the Nabataean sector coming from Tzur in the southwest of the country.

Another report confirms that fighter jets are performing loops in Lebanese skies on the flight paths of yesterday's attack in Syria.

One way or another, Hezbollah in Lebanon has felt the nervousness of the Air Force in recent days over its headquarters in the country.

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Tony Pettitt 00:40 25.11.2021
They are showing them what to look forward to. I don’t think they will be happy when Israel starts using their Air Force in battle
darrel snider 19:05 24.11.2021
I saw their fighter in 1980's they kick crap out of syria
Justice Sunday 18:00 24.11.2021
Jesus christ is coming soon repent and believe the gospel
Scott Morgan 16:09 24.11.2021
I want information, not conjecture.
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