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A new natural gas reservoir was discovered off the coast of Israel - its name is Katlan

The Ministry of Energy and the Energian company announced that the extent of the reservoir is estimated at 68 BCM, while the annual gas consumption in Israel is less than 13 BCM.

Minister Israel Katz: "The Ministry under my leadership will continue to develop the natural gas reserves that are in our territory and promote the finding of additional natural gas reserves"

For the first time in 8 years, a new natural gas discovery was announced today (Wednesday) in the economic waters of the State of Israel, which was named Katlan.

The Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, MK Israel Katz, gave Mathews Rigas, CEO of the Greek-British company Energian, the approval of the oil commissioner, Chen Bar Yosef, for reaching a natural gas discovery in license 12. This means that Energian Jan will be able to move forward with the development plan that will eventually have five gas reservoirs in Israel - Tamar, Leviathan, Harish, Tanin and the new Katlan reservoir.

This is the first approval granted by the Ministry for the discovery of natural gas since 2015, as well as the first approval granted for activity under a license distributed as part of a competitive process. In accordance with the provisions of the Petroleum Law, the company submitted a request for recognition of the discovery which was examined from the technical and economic aspect by the professional team at the Natural Resources Administration and approved by him.

Source: Israel Hayom

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