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Suspected of incitement, Sheik flees Israel to Morocco

About two weeks ago, Sheikh Ekrama Sabri visited the family of the terrorist who murdered Noa Lazar and called on the young people to join "The family of the martyrs": "A sublime and divine status."

While the legal authorities are still examining the findings and suspicions against him, Tess Sabri flew to participate in a conference to mark the 25th anniversary of the "Al Quds" fund, which promotes the purchase of land in East Jerusalem. 

Despite the serious suspicions against him, the law enforcement authorities have not issued an order prohibiting him from leaving the country and it is not clear whether an indictment will be filed against him or alternatively the case will be closed. 

NEWSRAEL: It must be noticed that the authorities prefered that the Sheik leave the country rather than be jailed.

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Jenny Ohayon 03:58 25.01.2023
It’s a wonder that the Moroccans would welcome him.
Maurice Shoshan 01:30 25.01.2023
Let’s hope it’s for good