Protests Against Hamas
Poverty leads to suicides and protests against Hamas

In the 15 years since Hamas took over the Gaza Strip, the two million Palestinian Arabs who live there have had daily reminders that the Iranian-sponsored terror group has failed to create proper living conditions.

According to the Gatestone Institute’s Khaled Abu Toameh, conditions in Gaza have deteriorated to the point that increasingly young people have been committing suicide by jumping off rooftops, taking overdoses of medicine, hanging themselves and by self-immolation.

Source: INN

# Hamas # Gaza Strip # Protests Against Hamas
David Beirne 08:26 06.08.2022
Praying all of you Gazans
Yeheskel Sharbani 00:36 04.08.2022
It’s time to push Hamas out of power to a power that care about the people.
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