Tokyo Olympics: 'My Son Will Remain the Same Artem'

Oleg Dolgopyat never misses a day of work. Even on Sunday, when his son, Artem, won a gold medal in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, he still went to work -- albeit a little late so he could watch his son on television.

“I feel as if I’ve now come down from the sky,” Oleg told reporters after the momentous achievement. “The feelings flooded my body, the adrenalin level reached the limit.”

The media engulfed this humble man with requests for interviews, as his cellphone would not stop receiving messages of congratulations.

“Everyone wanted to congratulate me and in at noontime my battery was already out,” he relayed.

“My son, like myself, is a very humble person,” Oleg continued. “I think he will adjust well with the new situation, he will remain the same Artem as he always was… I know he is happy until the roof, but I also know he will continue as usual, continue to train and conquer new goals.”

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