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ICYMI: WATCH: What if YOU woke up to this terror? 

What seemed to be an "ordinary" Hamas attack of missiles on Israel turned into what is every civilians nightmare.


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Trib Rising 22:16 15.05.2024
It’s time for Israel to adopt a 2nd Amendment type of law or right (through the whatever the process is) and require every adult to own and possess at minimum one handgun and rifle.
LARRY WASWHTON 21:05 15.05.2024
All terrorist hamas jihad should be punished and punished death penalty for evils killing them all attacks on Israel
R 18:23 15.05.2024
Everyone of those vile snakes must be removed in order to have peace and security in the country. FREE ISRAEL FROM TERRORIST INFESTATION!!INFESTATION
Aliza Circle 17:17 15.05.2024
He loves and care about Israel 🇮🇱 and the Jewish ✡️ people ✡️. When a soldier injured himself in the battle field and hospitalize, he visit the wounded soldiers.
Aliza Circle 17:14 15.05.2024
Hamas and jihad should be ashamed. Thank God that the Prime Minister of Israel 🇮🇱 Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu is the PM.
Princess Moccasin 16:58 15.05.2024
This ICYMI crap is driving me crazy! IN CASE YOU MISSED IT. Stop fukn writing this! I wouldn’t be reading it if I didn’t miss it dumb fuks
Soniya Christova 15:46 15.05.2024
Islamists are Devil's ruled corrupted illegal occupiers kidnapers perverted pedophils homosexual rapists robbers massmurderers war genocidial criminals vs humanity so must be eliminated or driven out
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