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Israeli Artillery Corps Fires Over 100,000 Shells During the War

According to reports on Bloomberg, Israel received 57,000 155mm high-power fragmentation artillery shells

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit has released data on the Artillery Corps' activities during the ongoing war. Throughout the days of conflict, the forces launched more than 100,000 shells, with over 90,000 directed at the Gaza Strip to engage targets and support maneuvering forces.

UAV operators from the Artillery Corps units are actively involved in the war effort. Unit 5252 "Zik" employs Hermes 450 UAVs for targeted attacks and destruction. Additionally, teams from Unit 5353, “Sky Rider,” contributed to observations, threat identification, attack coordination, and support for maneuvering forces through advanced technological capabilities.

The rocket battalions of the Artillery Corps utilized MLRS launchers to fire over 200 precision rockets, accurately targeting numerous objectives during the conflict.

Recent reports on Bloomberg shed light on U.S. assistance to Israel in the artillery domain. According to the site, Israel received 57,000 155mm high-power fragmentation artillery shells. Originally stored in Israel for the U.S. Army European Command, these shells were moved to Europe for Ukraine's benefit and have now been returned to Israel to meet the demands of the conflict in Gaza. Additionally, the website notes the supply of 400 120mm mortars.

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James Baden 19:32 29.11.2023
Not nearly enough! Bomb them back to the stone age where their mentality belongs
Heather Redden 17:37 29.11.2023
The Evil👺ONLY understands peace through strength 💪
Daryl Beesley 17:33 29.11.2023
God demands Israel to be Free you are His choice of Children and you must be Free form the enemy of God !
Sue Downs 17:32 29.11.2023
If the leaders of Egypt are so stupid as to ignore the horrific attack on Israel, let them have their tantrum and shoot off their mouths. We know the truth.
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