03:03 PM 08:03 AM EST DEC 2, 2023 JLM 67°F
BREAKING: Terror attack in Tel Aviv near the boardwalk!

Initial reports of 2 wounded seriously on the seashore of Tel Aviv.

The reports said the attack was with a car and then shooting.

Details are still unclear.

The terrorist has been eliminated. 

At 9:41 p.m. a report was received at MDA's 101 hotline in the Dan area about gunshot wounds on Professor Yehezkel Koipman Street in Tel Aviv. From a preliminary report only!!! MDA medics and paramedics are providing medical treatment to 2 injured people on the spot. The terrorist is neutralized. Update later

UPDATE: It seems that there were two terrorists, and one has escaped. A manhunt is after him.

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Michael Sosne 19:42 07.04.2023
This IS why ISREAL and ALL JEWISH PEOPLE need to FIGHT BACK for our existence. Don't take crap from ANYONE anywhere anytime
Barbara Fix 19:34 07.04.2023
Muslims have no respect for other religions -murder in TA/missiles from Hezbollah onPassover! Tragic
Mark Jawitz 19:02 07.04.2023
This is why they build walls.