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Israel: First successful interception of the "Magen Or" laser system!

NEWSRAEL: Israel did not give out details of the specific "interception", what it was of and when, but this is important news for the defense against Iranian drones and missiles.

Powerful laser system "Magen Or": the laser is an effective, accurate tool, easy to operate and significantly cheaper than any other existing means of protection.

Israel is among the first countries in the world to have succeeded in integrating a powerful laser technology to develop a system of operational standards and to demonstrate the successful interception of PGMs, rockets and unmanned aerial vehicles. 

The Ministry of Defense is leading a multi-year program, in collaboration with the defense industries, Rafael and Elbit Systems , for the development of a land and air laser system to deal with threats at different ranges at high powers. 

The laser will be integrated as a complementary capability to the 'Iron Dome' system and will expand the effectiveness of the multi-layered defense system and its effectiveness.

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Khin Aung 02:33 01.10.2023
May there be peace within the wall Jerusalem and prosperity in her palace.
[Anonymous] 02:47 30.09.2023
Keep something for your own defense Israel .. don’t give all your eggs away! Some day you might need a few jewels in your basket !
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