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United Hatzalah volunteer saves teen’s life on Israel-NY flight

Dr. Natan Ungar came to the aid of a boy whose throat had begun to close due to a severe allergic reaction.

(April 19, 2023 / JNS) A United Hatzalah emergency service doctor on Tuesday saved the life of a teen suffering from anaphylactic shock aboard an El Al flight from Israel to New York.

Dr. Natan Ungar came to the rescue of a 16-year-old boy whose throat had begun to close due to a severe allergic reaction to something he ate.

The young passenger was in possession of an EpiPen epinephrine injection device but it had expired. Ungar therefore asked the flight attendants for the plane’s medical kit, which contained a vial of adrenaline that was administered intravenously.

The teen’s condition immediately started to improve and he was soon able to breathe normally. At that point, the decision was made to continue the flight as planned to JFK Airport in New York City.

United Hatzalah is an emergency medical service based in Israel. The organization also carries out humanitarian missions across the globe in response to wars and natural disasters

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Jacob Walanjatil 11:49 20.04.2023
Bravo Dr. Nathan Ungar, for saving the life of the teenager ☺️. God bless you and your organisation.