The Iranian Threat
Biden's adviser: Trump's pressure did not work. Israel Security Adviser Hulata: Trump's pressure helped make Iran change policy

During the panel in Bahrain, the dispute between the United States and Israel over how to deal with the Iranian nuclear issue came to the fore. 
Biden's adviser Brett McGrack: Trump's pressure did not work. Israel Security Adviser Hulata: It did!

At the IISS Menama Strategic Conference in Bahrain today (Sunday) a public disagreement arose between the positions of the United States and Israel, regarding the handling of the Iranian nuclear issue. At the conference, which deals with defense and foreign policy in the region, President Biden's senior adviser said that the Trump administration's pressure campaign against Iran had failed, and that the current administration "did not live in the illusion" that more pressure would change Iranian behavior. 

To this, Security Adviser Eyal Hulta replied that Iran "will not agree to the concessions only because we will ask them nicely."

Hulta explained his position, saying that "anyone who claims that pressure does not work should look at the previous rounds of pressure on Iran by two American governments. They helped make Iran change policy. We think Iran will not change policy unless we force it. Israel has said several times that it will defend. "On herself if we have to. We will make the preparations to do so."

Biden's adviser Brett McGrack said: "We are approaching the resumption of talks with Iran in Vienna. We hope that diplomacy will succeed - if it fails we will use other means. We will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Military force will not change Iranian behavior but it can block its nuclear program ".

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09:26 22.11.2021
Let’s go Brandon
09:25 22.11.2021
I say we hit Iran now while Israel have the might and most sophisticated technology that the world hath not seen. Let’s go Brandon
Robert Mcmaster 00:30 22.11.2021
Biden wants to talk about it. He would also give billions to Iran, just like his old boss, you remember the president who couldn't say terrorists. Creates and funds them.
Susan Medrano 23:07 21.11.2021
Diplomacy? Stop! Agreed, no $, no nukes!
darrel snider 21:16 21.11.2021
Tired of the lies from biden crook regime.
Moises Navarro 19:13 21.11.2021
Christians need to armed and ready for self defense everywere the times of patience is over!!!!! We must fight for justice and freedom!!!!
Tony Pettitt 18:44 21.11.2021
So Biden wants to undo everything President Trump achieved even if it means propping up these American and Jewish hating regime. He’s going to give the Iranian money to build up their military 
Jeffrey Paulsen 18:14 21.11.2021
Clowns is understating the situation for the socialist Progessive far Left. There isn’t anyone in this administration that is in their right mind. Trump was right. No money, no nukes.
La Jun 18:12 21.11.2021
The election was stolen and we're going to take back America very soon not in 2024
Anna Payton 18:09 21.11.2021
What a bunch of clowns, the biden regime is a bunch of clowns 🤡, that pedophile is not my President, and if you cant see yourself that John Kerry is helping iran under biden regime.
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