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Rockets in Israel: The world reacts with indifference

The war in Ukraine and the economic crisis in the USA pushed the operation in the Gaza Strip to the margins

On the BBC network they sided with the Palestinian position: "A senior activist was killed after Israel attacked Gaza"

Source: Israel Hayom

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e Adler 08:23 06.08.2022
The europ news most time on the wrong side...... would be better to think new about Israel but to a good way for Israel!
Jean Laurent 07:46 06.08.2022
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Renee De 05:46 06.08.2022
Bbc on the wrong side
03:51 06.08.2022
Dear Lord arise and fight for Israel.
03:41 06.08.2022
The hook in the Jaw coming and God will fight the battle for Israel.
Jesse Himango 02:44 06.08.2022
Joan Nacson 02:33 06.08.2022