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Supreme Court allows all Ukrainians entry to Israel

The Supreme Court ruled: Citizens of Ukraine who wish to enter Israel for a period of up to 3 months are exempt from entry visa.

Zelensky on the Supreme Court decision: I welcome the decision of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel, which obliges the government to “lift any further restrictions on the entry of citizens. The rule of law and respect for human rights are exactly what sets a true and developed democracy apart!"

Source: Amichai Stein - Telegram

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C & 23:48 03.07.2022
Zelensky is a traitor!! He's an actor, and still acts like he is for his country's best interest! Only his own, with the evil agenda of the United Nations! 😡🔥
La Jun 21:40 03.07.2022
Zelensky is a damn liar treason will be his end...