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Dinosaur vs. Ditz: Hillary vs. AOC in 2024?

Old Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are bad enough, but according to Dick Morris, a former Clinton adviser, it’s going to get worse: Morris thinks 2024 is going to feature a showdown between Hillary Clinton and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Mean Girls) for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination.

Grab the popcorn, and the Xanax.

As everyone knows, the incumbents are damaged goods. Nobody likes Old Joe, who will be about 120 years old if he even makes it to 2024, and Kamala Harris has failed spectacularly at one of the easiest jobs on the planet. Meanwhile, Hillary has been increasingly obvious lately in positioning herself for 2024, while the winsome Ocasio-Cortez turns the required age of 35 on Oct. 13, 2024.

Morris sees Hillary’s recent attacks on AOC and the Squad as an indication that a showdown is coming between the two for the Democratic presidential nomination. 

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He explained, “I’ve always said that the way you could tell if Hillary is running again is check whether she has a pulse or not — and if she does, most likely she’s running.” She sat out a return bout against Trump in 2020, and now she’s tanned, rested, and ready. “But lately, there have been very significant signs that indicate that she is, in fact, planning to run. She gave an interview earlier this week with MSNBC where she talked about, quote, ‘We have to think clearly and be clear-eyed about what it will take to win the House and the Senate.’ And she then proceeded to basically blame [Rep. Ocasio-Cortez] and the progressives for policies that she said could endanger the Democratic majorities.”

Indeed. Hillary recently told MSNBC, “I think that it is a time for some careful thinking about what wins elections, and not just in deep blue districts where a Democrat and a liberal Democrat or so-called progressive Democrat is going to win. We’ve got to be very clear-eyed about what it’s going to take to hold the House and the Senate in 2022.” 

This would require moving away from the far Left: “But at the end of the day, nothing is going to get done if you don’t have a Democratic majority in the House, in the Senate, and our majority comes from people who win in much more difficult districts and our majority in the Senate comes from people who can win in not just blue states and hold those wins … but can win in more purpleish states.”

Morris saw these comments as premature and revealing. “It’s kind of hard to see candidates doing the blame game for an election that hasn’t happened yet,” he remarked. He noted that it was AOC who fired back: “Then, interestingly, the reply came from AOC, who said we need to enact the … Build Back Better program, and then unless we do so, we’re going to lose the midterm elections.”

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John Tucker 02:14 22.03.2022
Every Muslim, has what in common?? Islam, Islam is the problem, I have read some in the Quran. It discussed me, the hate it pushes is unbelievable, Islam has NO PLACE in our country, USA, is CHRISTIAN
Tony Pettitt 22:25 03.01.2022
No worries mate I truly don’t think the Democratic Party would be they stupid
22:19 03.01.2022
(Most)politicians LIE, these two, my opinion are in the ( Most)category. God Bless America 🇺🇸! God Bless Israel 🇮🇱!
Jon Holtz 22:14 03.01.2022
AOC and Hillary Clinton share socialist/communist ideologies and both are power hungry wack jobs. Neither can beat Donald Trump in a fair election with the emphasis being on the word fair.
Bert Morse 22:11 03.01.2022
Edna Messer I so agree with you. You would think this past year would have opened some eyes but only time will tell
Jon Holtz 22:09 03.01.2022
Both AOC and Hillary Clinton share
Michael Sosne 20:23 03.01.2022
Not just muslims but JEWISH people haters and they're getting away with it. Look, they took over a town in michigan. Do you think they want to stop with that. Wake up before it's too late
Edna Messer 20:00 03.01.2022
We filled Michigan and Minnesota with Muslims and wonder how they got into our government…Some of our leaders are dummer than rocks…
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