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Hamas illegally holds mentally-ill man now 8 years

For eight years, Israeli citizen Avera Mengistu, who suffers from a serious mental health condition, has been illegally held in Gaza by Hamas.

Avera accidentally crossed the border into Gaza in 2014. Hamas has denied Avera access to the medical and psychological treatment that he so desperately requires to function.

Hamas is violating all humanitarian ideals. 

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Tony Pettitt 17:09 19.08.2022
Hamas doesn’t obey any laws except orders to kill, that’s their life ambition to kill Israelis and pay them American tax dollars for doing so, it’s called PAY TO SLAY. It’s happening can’t deny it!!!
Barbara Press 15:18 19.08.2022
Heartbreaking. Averas family immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia When his beloved brother died young Avera went into deep depression. Hamas is heartless