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VIDEO: Jewish persecution in Libya

Jews in Libya suffered under a discriminatory government under both fascist Nazis and radical Islamists who actively persecuted them including violence and destroying Jewish synagogues and property.

This is their story.

Since the story of Jewish refugees from Arab countries is so little known, we wish to share the stories of the ancient Jewish communities who were virtually wiped out by racism, extremism and violence in the Middle East.

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Justice Sunday 09:39 27.06.2022
repent for Jesus christ is coming soon, choose to follow the fear of the LORD
John Naulu 06:23 27.06.2022
Now you can understand why Muslim ☪️ Nation are poor and poverty stricken, starvation all over the Muslim ☪️ world. It will stay this way until CHRIST returns. ✝️💜🇮🇱🕎✡️
John Steedley 02:30 27.06.2022
Head to Israel.