Lebanon Crises
Lebanon is being emptied of young people - and there are those who are satisfied with it ...

The migration movement from Lebanon is getting stronger. In the last four months alone, about 230,000 civilians have left Lebanon and it is not going to go down.

The rate of demand for passports stands at about 7,000 per day compared to about 300 the day before the crisis began in 2019. According to the data, the vast majority of immigrants are young. About 40% of those with academic credentials have already left Lebanon.

The wave of immigration stems from the unstable political situation and the economic catastrophe that is reflected in the lack of jobs.

Unsurprisingly, those who are least concerned about the phenomenon are those corrupt politicians at the top who have degraded the country to its current state. They understand well that the departure of the young people neutralizes the "time bomb" of the popular protest since the young people are usually the driving force of the demonstrations.

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Lawrence Adell 03:10 17.11.2021
The Young Lebanese are not staying in Lebanon because they do not look to the corrupt Government to provide for them. May God protect all Rev. Lawrence Adell Sefa Evangelist/ Life Leadership Coach
Paul Durocher 03:08 17.11.2021
Incredible how deception persists with corrupt leaders. Corruption leads to destruction. Confess and repent of your evil ways and believe and follow your Creator and Savior.
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