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VIDEO: Suspected car-ramming attack in Be'er Sheva - WATCH!

An 18-year-old young man, a cadet from the Corps' technological school, was walking in uniform when suddenly a vehicle appeared that mounted the sidewalk and hit him from behind with force.

An 18-year-old pedestrian was run over today (Thursday) on Ilan Ramon Street in Be'er Sheva, near the Air Force Technical School. 

The offending driver, a resident of Rahat, was seen racing his vehicle towards the young man, a cadet wearing an Air Force uniform, and ran him over. 

The young man was lightly-moderately injured. 

The arrested driver is a resident of Rahat, and was investigated for suspected nationalist background. 

Police forces of the Negev region under the command of the Rahat station commander raided the house of the predatory driver.

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06:38 27.11.2022
Hate is a powerful emotion, he probably didn’t know this young man. The enemy (devil) has blackened his heart. How could anyone believe that his God is about love. He worships the wrong Lord. Pray
Phillip Avalos 14:47 24.11.2022
Praying he OK !!