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Jerusalem court: Jews can pray on the Temple Mount [VIDEO]

An extraordinary ruling given today (Sunday) in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court states that Jews are allowed to say "Shema" and bow on the Temple Mount. The decision was made following an appeal against the arrest of three boys who bowed and read "Shema Yisrael" while visiting the mountain area.

The boys were arrested by police last week and given a 15-day restraining order from the Old City, following the fact that they bowed and prayed inside the Temple Mount. The police's claim in the application for the restrictive conditions is that their conduct may lead to a violation of public peace.

Source: N12 News

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Henry Lee 01:36 23.05.2022
Good tidings! God Bless all.
Tony Pettitt 00:28 23.05.2022
The return of Meshach Shadrach and a Abendigo
Desiree Siefkas 22:54 22.05.2022
The Temple Mount sets on top of the first two Lord's Temples. The Dome of the Rock belongs to Israel 🇮🇱 what happened?
Isabella Grossman 22:23 22.05.2022
Well finally we have some sanity
21:33 22.05.2022
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