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PM Netanyahu visits IDF Intelligence base for security survey

Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the base of the Intelligence Division and received an in-depth review of the efforts being made in the face of the Iranian threat and in the face of countering terrorism in Israel

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited today (Tuesday), May 23, 2023, Tuesday in Sivan Tashpag, the base of the Intelligence Division, together with the head of the National Intelligence Service Major General Aharon Haliva and other commanders.

Prime Minister Netanyahu received an in-depth review of the efforts being made in the various arenas in the face of the Iranian threat. He was also presented with the efforts that are being made on a daily basis to thwart terrorism in Judea and Samaria. As part of the visit, Prime Minister Netanyahu heard about the intelligence information that was gathered and enabled the foiling of the Islamic Jihad officials in the latest operation Magen and Arrow.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the end of the visit:

"I just finished a visit to one of our intelligence bases and I came away very encouraged. Israel has opened a gap on every enemy, and it does so with a combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. What I saw here is that the future is already here today. So let all our enemies know - we are way ahead of you." 

At the end of the visit, the Prime Minister was presented with an overview of the "Bridges" project, which aims to impart technological knowledge to students from the periphery.

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End Times!! Are you ready? Come Lord Jesus come.
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We love Israel even though we are not back from the Despora so we are always looking towards Israel. All things Israel, soon we will be home again.