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Traders in Gaza: "If this continues, we'll go broke!"

They hoped that the situation was temporary and would pass within a day or two, but as the hours ticked by, the businessmen and traders in the Gaza Strip were becoming more and more disturbed. For them, closing the crossings between Gaza and Israel for three days in a row is first of all an economic matter and a loss of livelihood. 

"Who will pay us for all the damage we have caused? Will someone give us compensation for what was lost? This is a severe blow to the private sector in Gaza.

Source: Israel Hayom

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David Fellerman 13:53 05.08.2022
If we had proper politicians in Israel Hamas would be a thing of the past!
Tony Pettitt 12:21 05.08.2022
Yeah they depend on Israel for jobs and go to the mosque and pray for the destruction of Israel. While their Governmental leaders buy lavish houses and hide their aid money in Swiss bank accounts!!!!!
Pamela Hackner 10:35 05.08.2022
The Arabs in Gaza must get rid of the Hamas . Then they will have a normal life.
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