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'Squad' firebrand Rashida Tlaib's astonishing links to shady Hamas group held liable for DEATH of an American Jew

Charity boss co-hosted her Congress campaign event… and more of her backers have clear ties to murderous terrorists

Rashida Tlaib had the crowd eating out of her hand.

It was March 2018, and the hookah lounge in a working-class suburb outside of Chicago was packed.

Warm and engaging, switching frequently between English and Arabic, Tlaib - a Michigan State representative with larger ambitions - pleaded for out-of-state donations to help her become the first Palestinian American in Congress.

She unashamedly told the audience that her Detroit constituents often declared: 'Rashida is a warrior, and this is a war we're in.'

Sitting in the front row, Rafeeq Jaber listened intently, seemingly impressed and knowing a thing or two about raising money to wage war.

For Jaber's now-defunct charity, the Islamic Association for Palestine, was found legally liable for financing the Hamas murder of an American and ordered to pay a $165 million settlement to the victim's family.

Jaber's 2018 attendance – confirmed to DailyMail.com by a national security research institute – at an event for a future-U.S. Congresswoman would likely shock most Americans. But he was far more than simply a guest.

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[Anonymous] 08:12 11.12.2023
Try her for treason now! We all know she’s a spy. What are you waiting for? Send her to GITMO.
[Anonymous] 15:18 10.12.2023
Why hasn’t she been charged with promoting hate against a minority group?!!!!
John Ross 22:17 29.11.2023
This ugly bitch, a fucking pig is better looking than her anti-Semitic witch!! the Mossad should put a hit on her. This woman doesn’t deserve to breathe our air.
Rico Marillo 21:25 29.11.2023
Train should be tried and shot for TREASON… among with, President Biden, Hunter Biden, Pelosi and her husband, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama,A. Mayorkus, OAC, and ALL OF THE DEMOCRATS.
Christine Miklosik 20:31 29.11.2023
Mike Galarneau I agree. I hope her mouth and evil ways gets her boosted out of Congress. This Administration will protect her for 1% of presidential votes from her Muslims
LARRY WASWHTON 19:47 29.11.2023
Tlaib great dangerous should tlaib is criminal crime against Jews and Americans citizens and isreal citizens
LARRY WASWHTON 19:42 29.11.2023
Tlaib act of evil should be treason should be punished and dangerous sentence isreal punishment poison for life she dangerous America citizens and isreal citizens citizens Jews in great danger tlaib I
Heather Redden 18:45 29.11.2023
Treasonous 👺👺 Devil… makes me ashamed to be called an American with her
Linda Zelikson 18:41 29.11.2023
How is she not charged for treason and gets away with it over and over??!!!
Mike Galarneau 18:34 29.11.2023
Tlaib should be Shot for Treason!
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